Random of the Day: Radio Shack’s “History of Electronics”

Found this 25-year-old puppy in the free bin at a local shop Wednesday.

It seems the 111 years refers to the invention of the telephone, though the book touches on most of the inventions that made the telephone possible.

Random, huh?

The inside cover, though, contained this beauty:

The good ol’ Tandy computer line. This one, the Tandy Color Computer 3, was sold for $219.95 and the verbiage includes this paragraph:

Not only does the 128K Color Computer 3 offer twice the memory, twice the speed, and even better graphics than out popular Color Computer 2, it’s compatible with the Tandy Hardware accessories and software designed for the popular Color Computer 2 — you may never outgrow it!

There’s even an optional modem “to access databases over the phone.”

While the modem had been in business use for many years prior to this, you can definitely see where the technology is going. And went, I guess.

You may giggle at the reference to 128K, but you can definitely see the same narrative elements used to sell computers today: more memory and faster speeds.

A quick question, though: was this the last computer anyone out there ever needed? Will there ever be one?


2 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Radio Shack’s “History of Electronics”

  1. Timmy, just a quite shout out! Internet isn’t always easy to come by here, but I try and check your site out when I get the opportunity. Glad to see you are still at it. I’m marking off the days until the new Batman comes out, though I don’t know how I’m going to see it just yet?

    Hope all is well!


    • Can’t wait until Batman either! Hope all is well at the other side of the world. I know you’ll have plenty of stories to tell. I teach a Global Communications class … what’s the media (TV, radio, movies, newspapers, etc) like over there? Take your time to answer … I’m off for the summer!

      Thanks for checking in! It was a great surprise!

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