Off-topic movie review: A Cabin in the Woods

A Cabin in the Woods is like a (very) negative The Truman Show (it even has a character named Truman) and the final eighth of Joe vs. the Volcano minus the love interest.

The film is a delightfully confusing mess in which Thor does an Evel Knievel at Snake River, we learn what happened to Bradley Whitford’s character from Billy Madison and we walk away learning that marijuana can help you see behind the curtain. Oh, and there’s a virgin.

Ah, those potheads and virgins. You spend most of the movie rooting for them, only to find out that it’s their fault the whole world gets destroyed.

Thanks a lot, jerks!

So in honor of the impending failed sacrifice to the gods, here’s a song that should have been in the soundtrack, but wasn’t.

Editor’s note: Admittedly, the rebus could have been made with an April Fool’s Day reference, as well as an Adjustment Bureau and a slew of other films. How would you construct your Cabin in the Woods rebus/math formula?


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