News flash: I’m an idiot

I recently had the opportunity to learn the depth of my inadequacy when it comes to some simple pop culture references.

About a week ago, I wrote an off-topic book review of the quick and humorous Night of the Living Trekkies. Here’s the book trailer (which didn’t run in the original post):

The review veered off topic — as they are apt to do — when I noted that one of the characters in the book called the movie where Princess Leia dressed in a bikini as “the worst movie in the trilogy.” You know, I said, Empire Strikes Back, right? The veering led to a clip of the underrated movie Fanboys … which was really the point.

Soon after the post was published, I got a comment from one of the authors of the book, Kevin David Anderson. It’s always nice to get comments, especially from authors. He was real nice and wrote 13 simple words:

“The reference was to Return of the Jedi, not The Empire Strikes Back.”

For the teenager in you …

Dang it. You could literally hear my balloon deflate. I was busted … again.

Of course, he’s right. When I stopped to think about it, Leia’s bikini comes after Han Solo is frozen … which occurs at the end of Empire and she appears at the beginning of Return.

So let me apologize to Mr. Anderson for getting my facts wrong and implicating him in furthering a Star Wars/Star Trek hatred. I’m sure he’s a peace-loving guy … unless we’re talking zombies.

Now … an ethical quandry: Do I change the original post, or do I keep it as is, glaring mistake and all, and just run with it?

I have chosen to leave it for now. Here’s why: I wanted to show the Fanboys clip. Changing the movies would negate it … because, let’s face it, Return of the Jedi is absolutely the worst of the first three. I cannot think of a way to defend it.

Plus, I’m a little lazy.

What do you think: change the original post or leave it? Should I correct my glaring error, or leave it, content to show what an idiot I am? What would you do?


5 thoughts on “News flash: I’m an idiot

    • Thanks dude! And thanks for checking in again? I need to check out more of your stuff. Of all the anthologies, web stories, etc., where should I start?

      Thanks for checking back in …

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