The sordid Fantastic Four?

I’ve never read much Fantastic Four, though one of my brothers used to have an extensive collection.  I know they’re icons. I know they’ve been around for 50 years. I know the Human Torch is now dead (or not). I don’t know specific storylines.

However, recently I came across some packs of Fantastic Four Archives, put out by Rittenhouse. Maybe it’s just the way the description is written, but some of these storylines for the Fantastic Four are so … sordid is the word that comes to mind … it seems soap opera-ish. Consider the description on the back of card #44 (above):

“Johnny Storm and Alicia Masters, the Thing’s ex-girlfriend, were getting married. In an attempt to bring the Thing back to the Fantastic Four, Johnny asked him to be his best man. It turned out not to be one of Johnny’s better ideas. Frustrated, angry and depressed, the Thing stormed out of the building with the She-Hulk in pursuit. Realizing that what the Thing really needed was to blow off some steam, She-Hulk started an all-out brawl with the Thing. This was just what the Thing needed and after he cooled down, he accepted Johnny’s offer to be his best man.”

What? Doesn’t that sound like a plot straight out of a reality show? Typically, asking one of your future-wife’s ex-boyfriend’s to be your best man is a recipe for drama. Am I wrong?

What other comic book story lines could be straight out of a reality show?


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