Nerd talk: Fanboys vs. Zombies #1

Does this cover look familiar? It’s one of eight (yes, eight) different covers from the first issue of the short-run Fanboys vs. Zombies from Boom! Studios.

And here I thought the whole Zombie craze was dying … though, if you think about it, killing Zombies is never as easy as it sounds. Unless, of course, you follow Rule #2.

But, anyway, back to the cover. Look familiar? It should, especially if you are either a certain age, or certain stripe of geek. Consider:

That’s right: they’re borrowing from a holy grail of nerdom: Star Wars. (And this is before we had to identify it as A New Freaking Hope.)

There’s supposed to be something fun and playful from borrowing from the past to expose the present. That’s what pop culture does, I guess. Even the story seems familiar: friends descending on a fan convention only to come across the undead …

Oh yeah … this:

It would be funnier if I didn’t already have the book … now it’s kind of sad. Just like the cover: it’s a little humorous, but a little played out.

Maybe zombies are a metaphor for popular culture …  it always comes back from the past with a look of horror, mixed with a dash of campy.


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