Off-topic movie review: Sherlock Holmes 2

Here’s an SAT problem for you:

Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes is similar to Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow: the longer they hang around, the quirkier they get.

Of course, drinking formaldehyde will do that to you.

I worry that if there is a third Holmes film, it will have the same problem that crashed Pirates of the Caribbean. The strength of Sherlock Holmes is the interplay between Holmes and Watson. Captain Jack Sparrow could not carry a film alone and neither should Sherlock Holmes. There has to be a counter-point to crazy.

Of course, Pirates of the Caribbean gave us two more films before realizing it (or have they?). Let’s hope Guy Ritchie and company can learn the lesson.

It was interesting to see how the movie approached “The Final Problem” storyline in which Holmes and Moriarty go over a cliff together. In the books (and movie … oops, spoiler alert …), we learn the Holmes survived (much to Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s chagrin).

In the comics, Moriarty survived.

Everyone lives?!? Sheesh … what is the world coming to when no one dies after two equals go head to head?

Oh, yeah … one in which sequels exist …

But that may be a bit off-topic …


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