Top 5 misuses of Jeremy Lin’s name

So … had enough of Jeremy Lin yet? I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He seems sincere, but look at what we’re doing to his name? Sheesh … I mean how would you feel to have your name bastardized in so many ways? It’s almost as if the country’s speaking a whole new Lin-go (snicker … snicker …)

Anyway, here’s top five ways you’ll never see Jeremy Lin’s used (but probably could):

  1. “Madison Square Garden is now laid with Lin-oleum.”
  2. Meet the NBA’s Lin-istry of Defense
  3. Have you been to It’s the new site for all things crafty … and Jeremy Lin
  4. “Meet basketball’s new Lin-gua franca.”
  5. “A jump shot as soft as Lin-en …” or “The Knick’s had better hope there’s no Yoko for this Lin-en” (double points for linking to an ex-Beatle)

I was trying to work up poor uses with the words “Lin-seed”  and “Lin-gerie” but I stopped …

I didn’t want to lin-ger any longer …

What are some of your Jeremy Lin misuses?



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