Thrift Store Thursday: Battlestar Galactica

Found this little gem at this overgrown used book store on the north side of town.

Here’s the quick stats: published in 1978 by MCA Publishing and Berkley Medallion Books. SBN: 425-03958-7. Written by Glen A. Larson (who produced the TV show) and Robert Thurston (who I assume did the book version).

Here’s the description on the inside page:

Battlestar Galactica

Flagship of the 12 Worlds’ Warfleet, she was as large as a planet, yet swift as the Starhound fighters she launched from her bays. For generations the vast ship had led the thousand-year war against the Cylon for control of the known Galazy. Now that war was in its last phase, and Galactica had one last mission, win or lose: blast through the deadly grid of the Cylon Starfleet and dash for deep space in a desperate attempt to find the legendary “Stonehenge” of the universe — the lost planet the ancient microfilms call “Earth.”

I’m sure if I looked at this TV show now (it’s on my Netflix queue), it’d be too cheesy for words. However, for a young boy who wasn’t allowed to see Star Wars, this was the next best thing. It had the dad from Bonanza (a reassuring, recognizable face), two brave young men (for identification) and a cute young woman (perfect for a tween fantasy).

Yep, cheesy. I do appreciate the use of the microfilm technology, though …

I never watched the updated version. It starred that woman who played a totally unlikable character in that one season of 24 and I don’t think I could let that go. Plus, I prefer the memory of a flawed original to the experience of an updated copy. But that may just be me.

As for the book,  I think that if I could change careers, writing book versions of television shows and movies would be a way to go. I wonder if writing book versions of scripts is easier than writing script versions of books. Either way, this little old paperback is a little time machine into the past. And I’ll gladly make the trip.

Anyone else want to go?

Back flap:

Zac and Apollo are brothers — and rivals — in the ultimate adventure, as humankind’s heroic star-fighter crews battle the alien Cylon for control of the known galazy! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is an epic multi-media event: the triumphant ABC-TV spectacular with the most expensive special effects ever produced, designed by Oscar-winning genius John Dykstra … and a powerful science fiction novel, a gripping space-war saga of interstellar adventure.


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