Off-topic movie review: Immortals

Here’s my quick take on Immortals:

I have never seen a movie so ripe for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Why do the Greeks have British accents?

Why do the Greek gods sit around in outlandish costumes, posing stiffly like a faintly homoerotic Calvin Klein ad?

Why do leading men have to expose hipbones? What’s the connotation of a hip bone?

Is Ivan Vanko the only accent Mickey Rourke can do? And why is he wearing a Venus Flytrap helmet?

Whatever happened to Venus Flytrap?

Whatever happened to the KISS Spirit of ’76 poster Andy hung in the first episode of WKRP in Cincinnati? Does anyone know where I can get one?

Oh … that’s where.

Hmmm …. but, that’s a little off-topic.


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