Thrift Store Thursday: Gunsmoke

Like last week’s Thirft Store Thursday, this is a Whitman book based on a television series, this one the long-running western Gunsmoke.

The book, entitled simply Gunsmoke, was written in 1958 and written by Robert Turner. Don’t know much about him, though I did find a science fiction short story from the mid-1950s by him available for download on The Gutenberg Project. The fact that the book is out of print, yet, obviously, still under copyright brings up this question: when are publishers of old material such as this going to make it available digitally? Is there a way to make it cost effective?

Anyway …

I like the looks of this book. I like how the cover wraps around to the back as one picture. A friend of mine gave this to me for Christmas many years ago and I’ve always kept it for a variety of reasons:

  • it was given to me by a friend;
  • I like old books;
  • I remember watching the syndicated Gunsmoke on television growing up.

Marshall Matt Dillon is a real man: friend to the downtrodden (Festus), respectful of women (Miss Kitty) and intellectual peers with the elite (Doc). That’s probably as good of a definition of a real man as I know.

What’s your definition?


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