R.I.P. Priceline Negotiator

Read that William Shatner‘s role as the Priceline Negotiator will come to an end during a commercial that starts to air on television Monday (of course, the commercial is already released online, leading to the question of when does an ad spokesman  really die?)

It’s a pretty funny commercial (“Save yourself … some money …”) and the publicity given to the commercial is exactly what Priceline wants. (Side note: I’m wondering why they didn’t wait until the Super Bowl? Was the Super Bowl too expensive for such a whimsical death ad? What does that say about the Super Bowl, which has built a counter following of commercial-only viewers? I guess these are questions left for another post …)

As far as the commercial, don’t worry about Shatner. Priceline officials note that he is still under contract with the company for another year, leaving the door open for a miraculous return.

And if he does, will this be the first time a long-running commercial pitchman has jumped the shark?


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