Fuzzy memories: Early Dashboard Confessional

Been listening to early Dashboard Confessional for the past few days and you know what’s cool?

Early Dashboard Confessional.

It reminds me of Eddie-on-lead-guitar, who said I’d like them, and Gouge, who’s always good for talking about music.

It reminds me of Woodpecker Records (R.I.P.), and the owner, who seemed about my age. (Me to self: “Sheesh, he’s owns this place? … What the heck am I doing?”) The live CD/DVD was the first DVD I ever played.

It reminds me of my good friend Aunt B and seeing the band for the first time and when the curtain opened, the singer led the audience in the chorus of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

It also reminds me of the first time I went out with the one who became my wife, where I remembered to breathe and I wore my blue shirt and we realized it was so late and it was, hands down, the best date I can ever remember …

… always remember …


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