Random of the Day: Suckpax Trading Cards

Took a trip to Shake It Records, one of the great independent music stores left in the country, while on a trip to Cincinnati recently and lo and behold came across a box of Suckadelic Action Art Card Series 2 trading cards. In a wax pack!

Well, since I seem to be attracted to shiny (and obscure) objects, and, since the wrapper was a bright yellow and neon pink (and I had never heard of it before), I just had to get a pack.

The description on the pack says that it is the poop (though they don’t use that exact wording): “bootleg action figures, lo-fi sci-fi, outer space breaks, evil supervillainy, dusted video, retro trading cards, soft-core smut ….” (Sorry, mom.)

Inside was exactly that. Seven old-school trading cards, designed to look circa late 70s, early 80s a la Tron or E.T., produced in the good-ol’ U.S. of A.

Take a gander for yourself:

The pack, in a UPC code-type-puzzle, called you a jerk (though they don’t use that exact wording) for buying this. That may be true … but the pack was just too weird and random to pass up.

Anyone else have these cards?


8 thoughts on “Random of the Day: Suckpax Trading Cards

  1. I saw them behind glass in a toy store in LA, way out of my price range. They also had a Sucklord blister, a Pink Stormtrooper, for $300. Instant classic.

    • Cool … I saw the Pink Stormtrooper on their website. Definitely drew a smile. Maybe I should’ve picked up a few more packs just to see more!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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