The Bionic D’oh

Oh, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin …

Was reading the Kevin Smith reboot of The Bionic Man, the story of Steve Austin … Astronaut … a man barely alive … you get the picture.

I generally like Kevin Smith comics, though I’m still waiting for the conclusion of Batman: The Widening Gyre. I’m assuming it’ll be a while

Anyway, found this little blunder in the latest issue (#5). It seems that Col. Austin’s superior is telling him to attack a man who just put his fist through another man’s chest.

Austin replies “You couldn’t order me not too, Lady.”

Which, literally means, “You couldn’t order me not also, Lady.”

Someone didn’t edit out the “too” for “to” … unless, of course, he didn’t want to end his sentence with a preposition …

It leads to two questions:

  • A.) Do I feel that this mistake reflects back on the author and publisher? Yep.
  • B.) Does this mistake dampen my enjoyment of the comic? Not really.

As long as B > A, though, we’re all OK.

While you ponder the math, let’s get re-acquainted with Steve Austin:


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