Retro comic ads: NBC Saturday Morning, 1986

Just looking at this centerfold ad from a 1986 G.I. Joe comic makes you ask: “Is it any wonder the world’s the way it is?” (The scan looks a little sketch, but if you click it, I think a larger one will appear, and if you zoom in, it clears up.)

I mean, it certainly clears up why there was a Smurfs movie (starring Doogie Houser, M.D., no less). Twenty-five years ago, the creators of the movie were watching it on Saturday morning.

But I doubt there’s going to be a Kissyfur movie any time soon. I mean, really, Kissyfur?!? What was that? And Frufur? A show about Gummi Bears? And what the heck was Kidd Video?

And then there’s Punky Brewster … well … there’s nothing wrong with Punky Brewster, so never mind.

But just take a glance at two of these “One to Grow On” PSAs, starring Michael J. Fox and Mr. T, and you can see the seeds of the things to come.

What are some of your Saturday morning memories? (If, of course, you’re old enough to remember that Saturday morning had the possibility of inspiring memories …)


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