Free mp3: The Orange Peels

OK, sure this song is two years old, but considering this band releases albums about every four years, I’m right there at the halfway mark … that’s not too bad, is it?

That’s the thing about music. There’s always more you don’t know about music than you do. It’s like thinking you know all about the ocean just because you’ve been to a beach or four. There’s always more ocean. There’s always more music


Anyway, check out “We’re Gonna Make It,” from northern California’s Orange Peels. It’s a little rock, a little indie, a little pop … but it’s all good. I found this song while trolling through Amazon. It was on a Minty Fresh sampler, but the song is also free from the band’s 2020 album.

Download it and maybe, just maybe, you can dip your toe into some salty new music water.


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