Nerd news: X-Men Archives Sketch Card

Pulling a sketch card is like hitting that one great golf shot in a round of otherwise unmemorable golf: it keeps you coming back.

Found this little gem in a pack of Rittenhouse’s X-Men Archives cards. I like the quality of Rittenhouse cards, so I bought a five-pack lot off eBay recently and, much to my surprise, this appeared.

To be honest, I have no clue which X-Man this is (I believe it’s Iceman, but, since I don’t follow the comic that pretty much means nothing to me). However, I did a little research and the artist is Daniel Brandao. It was pretty easy to find, considering the unique signature/logo. He did 147 difference sketch cards for the set, which seems about average. But that’s about all I know. Anyone know more about this guy?

Here’s his site (it’s in Spanish, so feel free to tell me what it means!). Here’s some more of his sketch cards from the X-Men Archives set. And, finally, here’s some information and a list of different artists who drew sketch cards for the set.


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