Sign D’oh

Was shopping at a favorite department store and saw this sign. D’oh!

I’m pretty sure the sign isn’t advertising a “panal,” as in “Spanish for honeycomb.” Although, it’s probably a good price for a flat, LCD honeycomb. How do you think that would taste?

Maybe the sign is advertising that the television comes with a DVD from the Spanish-language band Panal. Which may not be too shabby either.

Or maybe, since it’s for a Vizio — the same brand that suddenly stopped working for me about two years ago — it doesn’t matter HOW you spell it. It’s all pronounced “crap.”

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m still bitter.

The big question is this: do these signs come from corporate, or are they locally produced? Can someone who doesn’t live in my house to a favorite department store that rhymes with “Smarget” and find out?


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