Ghostbuster Rhapsody

I don’t read this title, but the cover alone makes me want to take a peek.

The great thing about popular culture is its ability to take iconography from the past and mix it with another element and make something wholly different, yet familiar with all who know. It’s the “all-who-know” part that’s interesting, because in mixing that familiar element, the artists is assuming something about that particular audience; namely, that they would “get it.”

This cover, from Ghostbusters: Ongoing #3 (out tomorrow), definitely echoes one of the greatest songs in the history of rock-n-roll. I assume that the story has little to nothing to do with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but the cover does.

Now, the trick is figuring out the age, financial status, musical taste, movie habits, reading habits, knowledge of the target audience. One thing we do know about the audience is their familiarity of the Ghostbuster franchise, which was NOT originally a comic book, but a movie, then a sequel, then a cartoon (and now a rumored third chapter).

Comment your assumptions below, while you listen to the original.



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