Scott Pilgrim vs. the World of Commericialism

I didn’t see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in theaters, but I saw it on DVD and enjoyed it. I seem to enjoy it more every time I see it.

It’s that second life of a media text that can often propel it into the stratosphere of cult favorite or make it languish in a sea of also-rans. One sign of a text’s long-term prominence is its ability to be grafted with other, more established texts.

Which brings me to these Scott Pilgrim shirts. Two short-run t-shirt companies featuring Pilgrim in their recent offerings.

Ript Apparel, as you can see above, has Scott as Spock, flashing the “Live Long and Prosper Sign. “Nowhere Bad, whose design is below, has Scott as Dr. Who, taking on the universe.

Both designs are cool, but reading through the comments, the reviews seem generally mixed. Most of the complaints, though, have to do with the pairing, not against the Scott Pilgrim character itself.

Which brings me to the action figure. After all, what better way to commemorate someone who took on the world than through an action figure? I saw these at the local comic book store (the one with action figures, not the one in the city, as the boy distinguishes the two).

So while the book series ran from 2004 to 2010 and the film is over a year old, the commercial culture seems to just now be catching up.

And that seems to be a sign that Pilgrim is pretty much here to stay … at least for a while longer.


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