I am Jack’s sense of irony …

Saw this during a weekly Clearance Lap at the local Target. Isn’t this the kind of thing that Tyler Durden fought against?

Kind of reminds me of today’s TeeFury shirt:

And this is the problem of popular culture: it takes a symbol of anti-consumption, and turns it into something consumable. It’s against the very nature of those who truly love the book and movie to actually go to a discount store and buy a t-shirt that symbolizes their love of the book and movie.

Weirdly ironic, ain’t it?

Of course the Project Mayhem thing to do would be to steal it … or use a permanent marker on it …

But I didn’t do that.

And no … I didn’t buy it, either.

Yet … but their is the slight voice in the back of my head …

(“I am Jack’s need for consumables.”)


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