Song lyrics: Cats and Dogs

Picked up The Head and the Heart’s new album the other day from Amazon, mainly on the strength of the preview of the opening song, “Cats and Dogs.”

The song has many of the elements that make a good opening song:

  • it’s catchy (the opening count-off and singing harmony subtly hook you)
  • it’s short (two minutes and change)
  • it leaves you wondering what the next song will be like

What are other characteristics of good opening songs? Alas, different post, different time.

For some reason, I keep clicking “repeat” for this song. The rest of the album is outstanding, by the way (including this former free mp3), but I usually need a double helping of the first song. Why?

Maybe it’s the line that I chew on the most: “My roots have grown and I don’t know where they are.”

There are certain times in you life when you wake up and look around and not recognize your life. I mean, you know everything around you, but wonder how you got there. There’s a bit of angst as you age on the life you lead and the life to wanted to lead. Reconciling that is all part of the journey.

I just wonder why a cat or dog feels all that angst … or did I miss the point altogether?

Anyway, what stands out to you? Here’s the lyrics:

Somewhere underneath the floorboard I will sweep my garden

Underneath the cupboard lives a mouse and he discovered there was nothing there

Nothin’ there to discover

Fallin’ from the sky there are raindrops in my eyes

And my thoughts are diggin’ in the backyard

My roots have grown but I don’t know where they are

Don’t know where they are

I don’t know where they are

My roots have grown but I don’t know where they are

Cats and dogs and rooster calls

Telephones and pay phone stalls

They take away

The lonely days

For now


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