Sign goofs

Came across this sign on a recent trip to the county dump. (I was dropping off a 42-inch Vizio television that turned out to be a big piece of junk … but that’s a rant for another time.)

Notice anything wrong with it?

Here’s another look:

It’s the term “ECT.” Presumably, the sign creator meant to use “ETC,” which is short for “et cetera,” Latin for “and other things.”

“ECT” is short for some things, but not ones that you’d put in the county landfill. Unless, of course, you have something against the group “Evangelicals and Catholics Together.”

It’s a relatively common error, I guess. However, the sign does seem to bring to light a couple things:

  • whoever created the sign and all the people who needed to approve the sign didn’t catch the error (or have the budget money to fix it), or;
  • no one who has read the sign caught the mistake and brought it to anyone’s attention, or;
  • everyone sees it, notices it, chuckles, but doesn’t really care.

Which do you think is the likely explanation?

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