Set list: Stryper, House of Blues, 9/16/11

Saw Stryper at The House of Blues, Orlando Friday. Here’s the set list:

  • Sing-a-Long Song
  • Murder by Pride
  • Loud ‘N’ Clear
  • The Rock That Makes Me Roll
  • Reach Out
  • (Crowd sing-a-long: Happy Birthday for Sound Guy Dave)
  • Calling On You
  • Free
  • More than a Man
  • (Bible Throw)
  • Breakin’ the Law
  • Shout It Out Loud
  • Surrender
  • All for One
  • The Way
  • 2-Song Encore: Abyss/To Hell with the Devil; Soldiers Under Command
  • (Prayer)

At least I think that’s how it went. Let me know if I’m wrong.

The band was tight and it’s easy to see how the band has survived 28 years. Sure, it’s a devoted fan base, but the band delivers all the classics sprinkled with a limited number (3) of newer songs. And no “acoustic” or “stripped” sets. And no ballads (which means no “Honestly,” the band’s highest-charting single. And I can respect that.)

The Bible toss is still there. The Yellow and Black is still there, though a little more subtly.

And even though he doesn’t, Michael Sweet is still skinny enough to get away with wearing spandex. And that’s cool enough for me.


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