Random, forgetful and rambling …

Two fuzzy memories:

For some reason, I thought about this song today. I can’t tell you why. Sometimes thoughts pop in the noggin with the randomness of a Tourette’s shout. Does that happen to you?

As I pondered how the thought came into my consciousness, I remembered that I saw this band live … and for the life of me, I cannot remember if Dishwalla was the opening act or the headliner and I can’t remember the other band (or bands).

Here’s what I do remember:

  • It was in Ybor City sometime around 1996 range (which is to say “before Ybor became what it is today).
  • My eldest brother was visiting. And Ferdie, I believe, joined us. Or was it Paul? Or both?

Can anyone tell me the other band(s) and specifics (date, year, etc.)?

Here’s the second thing … I chose this version of the song because it was filmed at Campbell University in little ol’ Buies Creek, N.C. That makes me think of Martin.

It seems a little random that there’s a professional-quality video of the band at some out-of-the-way Baptist university.

But maybe that’s me … random, forgetful and rambling.


4 thoughts on “Random, forgetful and rambling …

  1. Sorry, I can’t help with your specifics requested, but just wanted to say now the song is stuck in MY head!!! Thanks a ton, buddy! 🙂 Just kidding, but really, now I need to get a different song in my noggin. Usually when this happens I always go to the ever annoying “John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt”. SO annoying, but gets the job done! 🙂 Cute blog, btw. LOVE various genre’s of music! Music is what gets me through my life, for sure!


    • Sorry about sticking the song in your head Amanda … but if it’s any consolation, now I’m singing John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt in MY head, so thanks backatcha!

      Thanks for reading a commenting!

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