Off-topic movie review: Cowboys & Aliens

OK, which is the biggest leap of faith you need to take as a viewer of Cowboys and Aliens?

  • The one where Daniel Craig leaps from his horse into a canyon and onto an speeding alien spaceship; frees the woman by disabling the  spaceship; and then jumps, with the woman, off of the careening, crippled and cracking ship and into a river … and survive? (To his credit, Craig’s character did remark, “Let’s not do that again.”)
  • Or, the one where the woman dies, gets thrown on the ceremonial Native American funeral pyre and comes back to life? Granted, she is an alien … (spoiler … sorry, I probably should have said that first)
  • Or, the one where you find yourself actually sitting in a movie theater watching a something with the title Cowboys and Aliens?

Every movie you watch demands some level of the suspension of disbelief. Some movies make more demands than others. Some movies are even worth it.

Other notes:

Kudos to the creators for not making the alien woman who sacrificed herself (oops, spoiler) to blow up the alien spacecraft (oops, spoiler again) come back and be waiting for Daniel Craig when he gets back to his empty house (oops … I was going for the triple-spoiler-in-one-paragraph trick).

By the way, did anyone else have a Space Shuttle Challenger flashback during that one part?


2 thoughts on “Off-topic movie review: Cowboys & Aliens

  1. I was disappointed by the fact that there was no real actual different or cool things happening here. Just the same kind of generic film we’ve seen come out almost every weekend lately. Good Review! Check out my site when you can!

    • Thanks for commenting, Dan the Man!

      You’re right, there was a quality about the movie that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and I think you said it: it was a Western. A good Western, but there is a definite “Eh …” quality to it.

      I’ll check your review, too!

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