Awesome of the Day: Retro t-shirt

A Cap’n Crunch Retro T-shirt for proofs of purchase plus shipping and handling? Yes, please.

I like the fact that the box says “Grown-up sizes only.” It really sends the message that this is an adult cereal.

I’d also like to go ahead and apologize to my wife, who will roll her eyes when she sees that we’re already halfway to getting our first shirt! (It was buy-one, get-one free, after all!) I should probably also apologize to my diet and my wardrobe. It may be a rough couple of months …


8 thoughts on “Awesome of the Day: Retro t-shirt

  1. I’m going to get some for my 3 siblings and myself…for Christmas. We grew up eating that cereal… $2.38 is not to bad for the 14oz box at Walmart. Now I have eat 16 boxes of the cereal to do that!! My sister said that I am just using this as an excuse to eat Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. She also suggested that I get my 23yr niece one so now we are up to 20 boxes…. 1 box down…19 to go……Great marketing campaign…I may end up giving some of to a local food bank…if they will take boxes that have the upc and special proof of purchase missing…

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