PETA’s humor nugget

I tend to roll my eyes whenever PETA makes a statement, but I couldn’t help but laugh at this full-page poke at McDonald’s in The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1.

The McJoker!

The Ronald-McDonald-as-Joker take is very creative.

It’s interesting that the ad appears in a Bluewater Productions comic and not a “major label,” like DC or Marvel. It begs these questions:

  • Did DC or Marvel turn down the ad?
  • Were the majors too expensive?
  • Is Adam West secretly in league with PETA?
  • Why would the Hamburglar break his M.O. and start stealing chickens? Is this a new wrinkle in his psychosis?
  • Should Mayor McCheese put Officer BigMac on the case?

I may have to go to McHeadquarters to find out. Probably around lunchtime. Maybe I’ll sample some of the evidence as well. Just to see what I can find.


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