Great products of America: Rib chips

If you’re looking for a snack chip that promises more than can ever be realistically delivered, look not further than Target’s Honey Barbecue Ribs Thick-Cut Potato Chips.

I like that they add the “thick cut” part because, let’s face it, a thin chip would never be able to hold that hearty pork flavor that a honey barbecue rib chip requires.

Oddly enough, it taste just like the title says. It’s yummy followed by a creepy realization that it’s just a potato chip. Followed by a tinge of guilt. Followed by a wave of awe and wonder at the genius of a country that can give you both ribs and cheeseburgers without setting foot near a meat counter.

Is this a great country or what? We can’t go to space any more, but by God we can put rib meat flavor on a potato chip.

God bless my blood pressure and God bless America!


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