Snake’s side art

Sometimes the side art at Tee Fury is more interesting than the main art. Such is the case, for me at least, with today’s side art — Snake Plissken’s Search and Rescue — from the 1981 movie Escape from New York.

So what’s the point? Not really sure. The easy answer is that in this day and age, there is an audience for everything, that all movies (songs, television shows, books, t-shirts, etc.) are classics to someone. There is audience for everything.

The tough part, of course, if finding that audience. The Internet makes it easier, I guess, to find the obscure. But it comes with a price. While the main art on Tee Fury (Dr. Horrible) goes for $10, the unchosen Snake Plissken shirt (which you can find here) goes for $23.84.

Part of the moral of the story, then, is that Dr. Horrible is more popular than Snake Plissken. That’s obvious.

Part of the moral of the story is that the rarer the property, the more expensive the price, which is basic supply and demand, I guess. Liking what is already popular is cheaper than liking something that isn’t.

It also shows that the Internet, for all its touting of leveling the playing field between producers and consumers, still plays by the same rules.

Of course, this shirt, even with the higher price, would make a unique gift for my brother


3 thoughts on “Snake’s side art

  1. Like your post, glad you like my illustration. This tee actually did have a run at a smaller daily tee website called for $10, but being a startup site it obviously didn’t have the reach of the larger sites so many people missed out. I hope to one day print this myself in small numbers and sell them for a reasonable price. It’s still one of my favourite designs and I wear it a lot.

    Vince (6amcrisis)

    • Cool! I hope you let me know when you print up those Snakes … my brother would wear it all the time (as would I)!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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