5 lessons from ‘Water for Elephants’

You know, once in a while, a movie comes along that motivates you to be a better person, to actually read the book that inspired the film.

Then there’s movies like Water for Elephants.

But, there’s still things to be learned. Here’s 5 lessons one can take from the film:

  1. Being single and hanging out with married people can be awkward. Especially for vampires.
  2. If your boss starts making out with his wife while you’re still in the room, leave. Just leave.
  3. Finish school.
  4. Elephants aren’t dumb, they speak Polish. And never make them mad.
  5. The old adage is true: don’t dip your trunk in someone else’s water pail. (that’s an old adage … right?)

What lessons did you learn?


3 thoughts on “5 lessons from ‘Water for Elephants’

  1. This reinforces the old adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover, but do judge movies by the title. Other movies that support this theory include almost any sequel that has the number 2 or higher after it. Dude where’s my car; well pretty much anything with Ashton Kutcher in it.

    • Thank you for your comments Stevey, and while there may be other lessons that can be drawn from “Water for Elephants,” you must admit that these five pieces of advice are good, regardless of the book or film.

      Thanks again for reading!

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