Car rental soundtrack: Arizona

On a family vacation, so the car rental soundtrack rules apply. (As a refresher, the rules are, whenever you rent a car, you make a mix CD and then leave it in the car for the next person.)

This time, the family is in Arizona, which probably had no effect on the song choices. We probably will be spending a lot of time on the road, so the songs tend to be longer probably a little slower paced.

Anyway, here’s the playlist on this 18-song endeavor. Let me know what you think.

  1. Baba O’Riley, The Who. I’ve got no real idea why I tend to put this song first … probably the breakdown at the end has something to do with it. That, and I’m not very imaginative.
  2. Temptation (New Order Cover), Jukebox the Ghost. I’d be tempted (no pun intended … Well, maybe a little) to put this song in the “Better than the original” category, except the original is basically part of the canon of my personal music history and, as such, can never be usurped.
  3. Hip Hop Hooray, Naughty By Nature. What can I say? It was 69 cents on iTunes.
  4. I Try, Macy Gray.
  5. Tree By The River, Iron & Wine. I liked the idea of a new Iron & Wine … but it may be a case of something being better as an idea and not in real life.  I never bought it. I think I’m waiting for it to go $3.99 on Amazon. Call me a dreamer.
  6. Torn, Natalie Imbruglia. … and the soft rock explosion continues …
  7. Long May You Run, Neil Young. remember that one stretch where Neil Young was singing this song about every other day? Between the Olympics and Conan … I think it’s the new Canadian national anthem.
  8. 1963 – (’95), New Order. Since there’s a New Order cover on the CD, there may as well be the real thing, too.
  9. So In Love, Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark. Hello memories of Molly Ringwald …
  10. Stay Young, Go Dancing, Death Cab for Cutie. Much like the Iron & Wine, I so much want to like this album …
  11. Up Against the Wall, Peter Bjorn and John.
  12. Turn Off This Song and Go Outside, The Lonely Forest. Good advice for a vacation.
  13. Keep It Real, Jonas Brothers. I like that the beat is the same as that disco song.
  14. Road Regrets, Dan Mangan.
  15. Laundry Room, The Avett Brothers. It took me about a year, but I’m finally digging the new Avett Brothers … much like I thought I would. Maybe there’s hope for Iron & Wine and Death Cab for Cutie after all!
  16. How You Like Me Now (Single Edit), The Heavy. You are required to bite the bottom of your lip and nod your head to the beat while listening to this song.
  17. We Are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon, Let’s Wrestle. It’s fun and has a sing-a-long part to it. So, you know, if you’re bored while driving …
  18. Walking Far from Home, Iron & Wine. I told you I wanted to like this …

What are some of your favorite road soundtrack songs?

Other car rental soundtrack songs.


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