Retro cereal: Quisp

Was walking through the home-away-from-home (Target) today when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks: Quisp cereal.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a box of this … probably about the same time I last saw a King Vitamin box! And now, probably because someone about my age has the authority to make this decision, Target stores are bringing Quisp back.

It’s interesting to see how the things of your youth get re-marketed back to you just at the time you can afford to make your own decisions about them. This prompts two questions:

  1. What’s going to be the next thing from my childhood to come back and try to rid me of some money?
  2. What are the things from today that will come back in 20-25 years?

I’d like to hear your opinions. In the meantime, here’s a vintage Quisp commercial.



8 thoughts on “Retro cereal: Quisp

  1. I didn’t really think about it or I could have told you that. I have also seen King Vitamin, and Kaboom!. BTW at Halloween, Walmart has not only Count Chocula, they also sell Franken Berry, and Boo Berry. In fact General Mills reports that they still make those year round but some stores only choose to carry some or all only seasonally. Fruit Brute and Fruit Yummy Mummy are still retired as cereals, but are still licensed characters. I could think of lots of toys that should or might make a come back, but I’d like to see the return of PB Max, and that doesn’t stand for Piggy Banks, or Polka Band, or Portly Ballerina, or Platinum Blonde, or Penguin Black-belt, or Pig Basketball, or Plow Boy, or Pure Bliss, or Pink Baboon, it stands for Peanut Butter.

  2. Mmmmmm … PB Max! I know a certain lady who used to love those. It’s funny … before Target brought it back to stores, the only way you could get Quisp cereal was through the Internet. Would you buy cereal through the Internet?

    Thanks for posting, N8!

    • That’s a cool ornament … but doesn’t it kinda make you want a real one again?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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