The mugshot conundrum

John Edwards’ newly-released mugshot raises the age-old question: when is it proper to smile for a mugshot?

Certainly he had to know that the mugshot was going into wide release, so why not put on a freshly pressed shirt and tie and smile like a Glamour Shot? After all, it was only misappropriation of campaign funds … it’s not like he killed anyone.

Edwards’ concern for the photo mug-shoot also explains the small stretch of the neck on the side shot, pulling the skin tighter and making him look more fit. It’s an old model’s trick.

So, here’s the lesson: if you know you’re going to be a punch line, roll with it … and look as good as possible.



2 thoughts on “The mugshot conundrum

  1. I also suspect that by making this photo look basically like all of the press photos he’s done over the years, Edwards is hoping that it will be unmemorable. No one wants to look like Nick Nolte in their mugshot, but if it looks like any old photo of them, what’s the big deal?

    • That’s a great point Liz! … and if you look at the news today, you can see that it’s already forgotten!

      Thanks for posting.

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