Random: Being John Malkovich Nesting Doll

(Re)found this bit of odd movie memorabilia the other day: The Being John Malckovich Nesting Doll set, which I believe came with the Being John Malkovich Special Packaging VHS.

Yes, VHS.

The set starts with John Malkovich (of course). Inside him is John Cusack. Inside him is Catherine Keener. Inside her is Cameron Diaz. Inside her is a blank doll, with “1999 USA Films” imprinted on it.

The doll set is about as random as the movie itself, which was an interesting twist on artist anguish, fame, love, a monkey, aging and the pursuit of eternal life.

If you’ve never seen the film, consider that the writer, Charlie Kaufman, also wrote Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, two very fine, though a bit twisted, films.

But here’s the big question: Who had worse hair in this film, John Cusack or Cameron Diaz?


2 thoughts on “Random: Being John Malkovich Nesting Doll

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