Off-topic movie review: Source Code

Everything you need to know about Source Code can be expressed in the following mathematical formula:

Source Code is basically Groundhog Day From Hell.

Here's your sign ...

For future reference, here’s a sign that the movie you are about to see is going to be a hard day: it stars Michelle Monaghan.

Her girl-next-door looks and likable personality make her the poster child of the triumphal disaster film.

Consider her resume:

  • In Mission Impossible III, she plays Tom Cruise’s kidnapped wife, who is tortured and held hostage in order to bring him to the villain.
  • In Gone Baby Gone, the gritty child kidnapping/murder case brings her relationship with Casey Affleck straight down the tubes.
  • In Eagle Eye, she plays an unwilling participant in a plot to take down the U.S. government.
  • And now, in Source Code, she’s on a train that blows up about 15 times and is stuck with a guy who has taken the form of another guy.

Of course, the guy and girl eventually fall in love, but does she love the first guy or the guy who has taken the body of the first guy? And if you fall in love with someone who’s possessed, doesn’t that automatically mean your relationship is doomed to fail? I think I read that in Dear Abby once … or was it Dr. Phil?

Either way, congratulations Michelle Monaghan! You are the Queen of the “This-Day-is-Gonna-Suck-But-It’ll-All-Work-Out” movie.

All Hail the Queen!

Who else would be a candidate? Of course, coming up with that list may be a little off-topic.


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