Jack Kervorkian, R.I.P. (insert joke here)

Dr. Jack Kervorkian died. Insert joke here.

Kervorkian, for those who don’t know, caused quite a stir back in the 1990s by taking up the rights of terminally ill patients to end their life in “physician-assisted suicides.” The courts called it murder and Kervorkian spent eight years in jail for his role in “assisting.”

He then pretty much faded away to Trivial Pursuit status, which his death pretty much certifies.

I’m sure most of the pundits will have their jokes (feel free to insert yours in the comments section), but here’s a tidbit from the heyday:

The Top 10 Kervorkian Pick-Up Lines
(from The David Letterman Show, August 23, 1996)

  • 10. The papers call me ‘Dr. Death,’ but the ladies call me ‘Dr. Love.’
  • 9. Can I buy you a cyanide margarita?
  • 8. You are drop-dead gorgeous!
  • 7. I have needs that can’t be met by killing people in the back of my van.
  • 6. Want to hear about my new suicide technique? Swimming the Hudson.
  • 5. You’ll never go out with anyone else again.
  • 4. My friends say I look like Brad Pitt — but the probably just say that so I don’t kill them.
  • 3. If you put a quarter in my suicide machine, it vibrates.
  • 2. In my professional medical opinion, you are terminally hot.
  • 1. How about a non-lethal injection?

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