Free mp3: Dave Matthews Band

Feel free to break out your incense and download DMB’s “Tripping Billies” from their album Live at Wrigley Field for free today at Amazon.

The song was released in 1996. I’ve always wondered if an artist gets tired of playing the same song night after night after night for 15 years.

I don’t easily tire of playing the same CDs over and over … but then again, I’ve never played the same CD every day for 15 years. I know it’s not the same thing, but that may be an interesting experiment:

  • Create or copy a concert playlist by one of your favorite artists.
  • Then, take that artists tour list and follow it. Play the playlist every day that artist is on tour. You should probably play it twice (once for the sound check).
  • You can take days off when the artist takes off … but even then, remember that the band may practice or try out new stuff, so take that into account.

That sounds like a fun experiment to do once. But for 15 years?

Hats off to all artists who grind it out for our enjoyment!

Oh … and don’t forget to download the song. It’s free, after all.


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