Good news/bad news: The Thin Man remake

News of Johnny Depp remaking the classic 1934 film The Thin Man seems to be a good news/bad news scenario.

The good news is that it will shed further light on the original, which is a Hollywood gem. The Thin Man, based on the Raymond Chandler book, starred William Powell and Myrna Loy, who played off of each other with banter worthy of anything written in Hollywood today. Powell’s drunken detective-turned-man-of-leisure is as comic as anything.

I was first exposed to this movie in college (no, I didn’t see it in theaters on its original run), and have watched it pretty regularly throughout the years. It may not move as fast as today’s movies, but the writing is superb. (The trailer doesn’t do it justice).

The bad news? Well, any re-make has the potential to shine a fading light on the original. I say “fading light” because while the original will get noticed, that light will fade and get eclipsed as the re-make will take center stage. And remain there, forever keeping the original in the dark.

If I sound a little bitter, I may still have that whole Charlie and the Chocolate Factory taste in my mouth.

Depp certainly has the suave looks that can do Powell’s Nick Charles justice.

Depp also can play a drunken character, as his past 23 pirate movies have attested.

But, really, do we want Jack Sparrow as Nick Charles?

This would be bad news ...


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