Off-topic movie review: Bridesmaids (redux)

Well … at least we know what happened to Jake Ryan after graduation. He became a police officer in Milwaukee.

At least that’s what I thought after watching Bridesmaids.

I know I’ve already off-topically reviewed the movie once, but it turns out there was something else to note.

Did anyone else catch the 16 Candles ending? The bridesmaid heroine is standing alone, after a wedding, she looks up … poof … here’s the hero.

The great thing about being old and quasi-movie literate is that it’s easy to catch an homage (and I’m calling it an “homage,” not “rip-off”). Of course, the bad thing about being old and quasi-literate is that sometimes trying to catch the odd reference gets in the way.

But, that’s OK. And horribly off-topic.

Otherwise, Bridesmaids pretty much lives up to whatever you’ve read about it. Maybe a budding genre of chick gross-out comedies is on the way. Complete with street-pooping and sub sandwich role play.

Anyway, what other 80s teen movie should get an homage? Hiding Out?


2 thoughts on “Off-topic movie review: Bridesmaids (redux)

  1. Totally got that!!! Was disappointed the music didn’t swell up and Kristin didn’t shrug and mouth, “Me?” “Yeah, you.” That would have sealed it for me, instead I was left a little deflated it didn’t go just a little further in the reference. Didn’t need the cake scene of them although it could have worked considering she loved to bake!

    • Thanks for reading! I think a cake scene would’ve worked with her baking interests … but then again, John Cusack ripped off the cake scene in Hot Tub Time Machine.

      Everything old is new again. And sometimes, if it’s done right, that’s OK.

      Thanks for the comment!

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