Song lyrics: No Surrender

Been rediscovering Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. lately. It’s always interesting to re-visit an album many years after its release and see what sticks.

The thing that stuck to me was the line in “No Surrender”:

We learned more in a three-minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school.

That’s pretty true isn’t it? Answering “yes” kinda sucks for the people in education doesn’t it? Maybe … but maybe not.

It’s obvious, especially these days, that we spend more time in popular culture than anywhere else. While many of those messages fade immediately upon reception, there are those that stay with us.

The key is, of course, recognizing the ones that stick and trying to figure out why they do.

What songs come on the radio (or playlist, if “radio” is too ancient of a technology) that you turn up? Why? Even if you say it’s the beat, I’m sure you can quote some of the lyircs. Which ones?

What lyrics do you have in the eternal playlist of your mind? Have you ever written them down?

Now that would  be an education.


2 thoughts on “Song lyrics: No Surrender

  1. Speaking of Bruce… “Your graduation gown lies in rags at their feet.” If you’re not careful, life and your boss will take all your dreams and hard work and dismiss them the second you cease to be profitable. That’s why Thunder Road is my favourite song – it’s about having the determination to escape that fate…

    • Thanks for commenting! That really hits home for me this week … I guess I’ll have to start re-discovering the Born to Run album next!

      Thanks again.

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