This post could be your life

Heard this story on the radio the other day about a book and thought it needed to be shared.

I read Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life a few years ago as part of a personal brush up on The Replacements. It was interesting to hear, all these years later, that the book has taken on a life of its own  — even inspiring its own concert to honor it.

It seems the book has gone from journalistic snapshot to historical biographical record to blueprint. That’s quite an evolution. But, media has a way of doing that.

Have you ever had a book or movie or band from your past that you’ve clung to for most of your life?

Music is the obvious example. We cling to a band in our youth that expresses our angst or love or religion. Our views or understanding of angst or love or religion may change, but we keep that music in our minds as a marker, as a guide that shows us what once was and what was to become.

We do the same with movies. Or television shows. Or action figures and trading cards.

What items do you cling to from your past? Why do you keep them around? Beginning to answer these “what” and”why” questions provide an insight to ourselves that, if left unexamined, would be a pity.

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