Video notes: ‘Sea of Love’

Do you see what happens, Larry? Do you see what happens when you stop being in Led Zeppelin?

OK, if you were aware of life in 1984-85, you couldn’t help but know (and probably dig) this song. Looking back, it has that “What-the-heck-were-we-thinking??” sheen that we love so much about the past.

For those who weren’t around, here are some things to consider when viewing the video:

  • Starting at the 21-second mark, the girl on the float is holding what is known as a transistor radio. It was very popular. (Fuzzy memory: I believe I saved money to get a purple one from Radio Shack. By the way, many transistor radios at the time were AM only!)
  • At the 43-second mark, feel free to insert the banana hammock joke of your choice here. (insert?) Also, consider this: what’s the deal with the little boy in the chair in the corner? And couldn’t they move that tuxedo jacket to get a better shot?
  • At the 1:42 mark, let’s keep score: that’s a horse, neck-deep in water, ridden by silhouetted older man with a young girl rider holding a guitar. For the literature-savvy, feel free to explain the symbolism here.
  • At 2:26 … and you thought Axl Rose was the originator of this dance. This video came out a full three years prior to “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” Just sayin’.
  • Mullet jokes anyone?

Well, there’s the initial notes. What did you see in the video?


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