Which? Why?

Here’s the scenario: you’re able to purchase one album (either vinyl, CD or download, depending on your preferences). You’ve heard about both of these albums, but never listened to them. And you are stuck in the present day, you can’t pretend it’s the 80s and you’re in Record Bar at Northgate Mall..

Which do you choose? Why?

This is part of something that’s been rolling through the noggin for a while, dealing with cultural impact, cultural artifact, ideas of cool and kitsch, identification, timelessness, quality … all of it.

You can’t ask which album is “greater,” unless you attach some arbitrary criteria: album sales or number of songs or number of “hits” (whatever THAT means any more). Depending on the arbitrary lens, one could argue for either.

And yet, here we are, still at the original question: Which? and Why? Even if you’ve never heard of them, you’ve still made a choice in your mind.

The answers say nothing and everything at the same time.

What’s yours?


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