Congratulations, Train!

Caught this video on CNN and other sources of the band Train singing its song “Marry Me” to help a soldier propose to an unsuspecting girlfriend.

Cue tissues.

This is not a new phenomenon. If you search “Train Marry Me Marriage Proposal” into the YouTube search engine, you’ll get 125 results. These are just the ones we know about.

Good for the band.

And that’s why I’d like to give Train the “2011 Friends Award” for ensuring that we’ll hear it at every wedding, anniversary, re-dedication, and baby-mama ceremony for the next two decades, or until we hate it, whichever comes first.

Congratulations. And now, here’s the song that launched it all:

Now … who are some of the other past winners?


3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Train!

  1. Profe, believe it or not, but I read a lot of your posts. I just never have any good input.

    Guess I missed the time frame for this reference. However, funny thing is, they played this song at my pre-k graduation when Jody and I were five. haha

    So I promise, I’ll pick way better music for my wedding. Original stuff. Like, I’ll write it, and have Jody sing it. Brilliant, right?

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