For some reason, I think of Potsie

There’s been a rhyme from the childhood days rolling through the noggin’ lately and I’m wondering if anyone has ever heard it.

I think it was a comeback in case someone called you a “nerd.” What I need to know is this: is this just something the neighborhood kids thought up, or was this something everyone kind of knew?

For some reason, as part of a fuzzy memory, I think of Potsie and an episode of Happy Days in which his feelings got hurt.

The rhyme went like this:

A nerd’s a dren,

a dren’s a drip,

a drip’s a drop,

a drop’s water

water’s nature

nature’s beautiful

Thanks for the nice compliment.

Ever heard of it? (Yeah … I didn’t think so.)

I mean, on the face of it, the logic is totally ludicrous. A nerd, I guess, can be a “dren,” though according to the Urban Dictionary, it can be much worse. But even if that is so, going from a “dren” to a “drip” takes a bit of a jump.

Unless, of course, by “drip” you’re referring to someone who is like a nerd or a drag on a good time (“That person is such a drip…”). But if you mean “drip” in that case, the jump from there to an actual “drop” of water … which is kind of like jumping two forms of matter and, as any molecular scientist knows, that’s totally ludicrous.

I guess it just goes to prove that the 1970s were not the grand days of the retort. If it wasn’t for “Sit on it,” I doubt any of us would have survived.


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