Thrift store find: Marvel ‘James Bond’ #1 & #2

Found free copies of the Marvel Comics’ “official” adaptation of For Your Eyes Only from 1981 during a recent trip to the comic book shop.

The James Bond on issue #1 looks a lot like Roger Moore. That Bond, of course, is surrounded by two women.

The Bond on the cover of issue #2, however, looks nothing like Moore.

Must be a stunt double. Anyway, here’s the scans:

I’ve never seen For Your Eyes Only (I can, however, recognize the Sheena Easton theme song …). So here’s the question: can I read the comic books and just act like I’ve seen the movie?


One thought on “Thrift store find: Marvel ‘James Bond’ #1 & #2

  1. I recommend watching it. This movie isn’t your run of the mill Moonfaker. It is a decent Bond. I doubt the comic could do justice to the ski chase, dirt bikes with spike tires to drive on snowy ice, and an underwater escape to name a few. Lynn-Holly Johnson’s Bibi character is annoying, and there is that soft core For Your Eyes Only scene by the fireplace. But all in all it’s watch worthy. If you do find Moonraker in comic form, it probably would be better than the movie.

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