Off-topic movie review: ‘Bridesmaids’

This may be a little premature, but I’m going to go ahead and call it.

The thing is, the two movies are not equal because of the last element in the mathematical formula. So the big question is this:

“Since this is a movie aimed for women, what will be the differences in the story?”

Most of us can define “guy humor” … what are the characteristics of “girl humor”?


6 thoughts on “Off-topic movie review: ‘Bridesmaids’

  1. This is kind of an interesting point. What is lady humour? I think a lot of women would define it by what it’s not, rather then by what it is. They would say that it’s not crass or it’s not degrading to women. I dunno, most comedies aimed at women generally feature at least one scene of two women fighting over a pair of shoes in a department store, which is slightly devestating.

    • Thank you for responding. I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas as well. Humor that is not crass is a good place to start.

      Maybe all movies play to the same stereotypes, but get to them or explain them in different ways.Your example of fighting over shoes is interesting, but what does fighting over shoes mean to the overall story of the movie? What’s its purpose? Is their a similar tension that shows itself in “guy” movies? What’s the male equivalent to fighting over shoes?

      Now you got me thinking! Thanks!

  2. Interesting thought, especially when you realize it will be competing with The Hangover II. Will the humor be similar or will the points of view immediately jump out showing the differences? The previews for Bridesmaids show a vein that is not so different from The Hangover, albiet with a tad less testosterone.

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  4. I found it downright frightening that Bridesmaids is portrayed as empowering to women. The movie Bridesmaids was extremely degrading to women. I didn’t so much mind women doing “crude” humor, as many other reviewers found problematic. Instead, I found the scenes with Ted to be unnecessarily cringe-worthy to get the point across, pitting women against each other is cliche and just reinforces unpleasant stereotypes about women, and even being jealous of her friend’s engagement propels the myth that women are marriage-obsessed. In a nutshell, this movie encompasses everything that Hollywood does to degrade women all in the first scene, from the actress being unreasonably and unnecessarily skinny, to her accepting disgusting treatment from a man. I watched the whole movie anyway because I didn’t want to review it without giving it a chance. It didn’t get any better, though I laughed a couple of times. There were a few redeaming attirbutes for the scornful feminst, but overall it left a worst taste in my mouth than Annie’s after a romp with Ted. I also couldn’t help but notice how gently men were treated. We can’t mention a man’s assets or fawn over LIlian’s engagement ring because that may make men without those resources feel inadequate–can’t have that! The men didn’t have to be too muscular or good looking, but even the leading lady who was supposed to be a dud was a size 0. If she was supposed to always be feeling so pathetic and inadequate, wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to be slightly overweight too? Heaven forbid!!! The only fat girls shown on television are masculine fools. Oh, and when the cop got clingy after ONE NIGHT we are supposed to think Annie was wrong, but she wouldn’t dare cling to Ted after several nights. It was just a sexist mess the whole way through, which I’m used to from Hollywood, but I find it especially offensive and cause for concern when such a misogynistic mess is actually hailed as being empowering to women! Give me a break.

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