Music with a side of options

I got this sticker with my purchase of The Violet Burning’s expansive, independent concept project, The Story of Our Lives. There’s a long subtitle after that, but I’m too lazy to type it.

I love free stuff. And I love The Violet Burning. And this album.

The three-disc, 2.3-hour project is ambitious, to say the least, but financing it (and buying it) is an adventure unto itself.

According to the bands website, the project was financed, in part, through pre-sales. Even now, after the release, there are seven different purchasing options. And the high-end options get creative.

Consider the $500 option:

  • the three-CD project
  • digital downloads of the project (in the format of your choosing)
  • t-shirt
  • 25-minute, behind-the scenes DVD
  • bonus recordings and videos of acoustic sessions
  • limited edition signed poster
  • a second behind-the-scenes video
  • three 8 x 10 prints of the album art, AND
  • a trip to Disneyland, CA, where you and a friend get to hang out with the band

A trip to Disneyland?!?

Of course, if $500 is too expensive, then the $250 option may be for you. You get the same things listed above (sans t-shirt) and instead of Disneyland you get to

Have lunch with Michael (note: the lead singer): Let’s go to lunch! at Taco Surf, PF Chang’s, Ruby’s Diner or something else you like. You Choose.
-or if you aren’t into lunch, michael can give you a guitar lesson.
-or if you play drums, lenny can give you a drum lesson.
-or let’s hang out and have coffee together for an hour or two.
You choose (We have done a few of these and had a wonderful time)

I wonder how many people have taken the band up on this offer …

The add-ons reflect a shift in the whole music industry. While music technology has changed the way we can make music, its biggest impact is on the way we distribute music. Five years ago, a site like Band Camp would probably not have been heard of, now it’s a major force in how musicians get their music to the masses.

It reminded me of this story I heard on NPR the other day. The music industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. You should check it out … but only after you check out the other five options for The Violet Burning.

Seriously, check it out. While you do that, I’ll figure out where to put this sticker.

And imagine what I’d ask the lead singer if we went to lunch …

the violet burning from the violet burning on Vimeo.


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