Free Comic Book Day is Saturday

If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, why not let loose your inner nerd and go to Free Comic Book Day?

It’s a nationwide event, so whatever town you happen to be in, there should be a comic shop participating.

And if you need a reason to go, look at this:

The Misadventures of Adam West #1:
(W) Reed Lackey (A) Russell Dauterman (C) Matt Bellisle
The Man, The Myth, The Amulet? Legendary star of the small and silver screen, ADAM WEST, has his career youth-enized in this hip-whimsical,trans-dimensional epic of an adventure. When a mysterious fan delivers an exotic amulet to Mr. West’s doorstep he is Dorothy-fied on an odyssey that will change his career, his love life and inadvertently make him the man that saves the universe!

Key word: free. Second key word: Adam West. ‘Nuff said.

If you go, let me know what your impressions.


3 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day is Saturday

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